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We are an Approved Dealers for ASCENSO.

S J Orr Tyres Ltd. has been offering exceptional plant machinery tyres service Sandycroft for mobile plants and industrial vehicles for more than 35 years. Be it excavators, dumpers, telehandlers, RRV’s, or tractors, our technicians are adept at performing puncture repairs for all sorts of tyres.

Why Choose Us For Plant Machinery Tyres Service Sandycroft?

Our experts are well-trained and possess hands-on experience in performing puncture repairs following the BS AU 159 guidelines. They will visually inspect the damaged tyres to check if it fulfils the following criteria, like:

  • No exposed ply or cords
  • Grooves of the tread are at least 1 mm deep throughout the continuous band
  • No contamination due to solvents
  • Original tread pattern not extending beyond 3/4th of its breadth
  • No cuts over 25mm or 10% of a tyre’s section width, whichever is greater
  • The base of the groove is visible clearly
  • No lumps, tears or bulges due to partial structural deformity or separation
  • No faulty previous repairs
  • No damages to its internal structure, etc.

Upon meeting these parameters, they will proceed with the necessary tyre repairing methods. Otherwise, our experts will suggest a tyre replacement service to avoid legal repercussions and safety hazards.

About Our Tyre Repair Service

Our professionals perform the following step-by-step procedure to fix tyre puncture repair in industrial vehicles.

  • 1.They deflate the damaged tyre and dismount it.
  • 2.Next, they enlarge the punctured area and clean out all damaged portions.
  • 3.They create chamfers around the cut to fit the patch accurately into the space created.This also helps in the adhesion of old and new rubber.
  • 4.Then, they start repairing the tyre from inside and outside simultaneously.
  • 5.For the exterior section, they use crude rubber and apply it on the tyre, with an extruder to heat the rubber.
  • 6.After that, they compress the rubber using a roller to release air bubbles, if any.
  • 7.Then, they scratch the liner to remove it from the repair area.
  • 8.They heat the patch made of a silicon membrane, larger than the dimension of the cut and apply it to the cut.
  • 9.Lastly, they will sand the repaired area to get rid of any repair marks.

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Besides our in-house tyre major repairs Sandycroft, you can opt for our onsite services. To book an appointment for our onsite repair & tyre replacement service Sandycroft, please give us a call at 01244630500.

We also provide this service 24 hours at your convenience.

Further, we are among the most sought-after garages in the area for offering comprehensive yet cheap tyre repair Sandycroft.

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Our garage is stationed at Unit 4 St Ives Park Factory Road Sandycroft Deeside CH5 2QX. For more details about our 24-hour tyre repair and replacement services, connect with us on 07808001237 or at sjorrtyresaccounts@yahoo.com.

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