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Are you looking for 4 Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Have you noticed rather rapid tyre wear lately?

Wheel misalignment can often lead to such issues and lead to poor handling efficiency, excessive fuel consumption, etc. If you want to steer clear of such issues, contact S J ORR Tyres Ltd. We are a reliable destination for professional services at cost-effective rates.

We use advanced tools and equipment while conducting 4-wheel alignment Deeside and Sandycroft to ensure the highest precision of our work. You can bring your vehicle to our facility at Unit 4 St Ives Park Factory Road Sandy Croft Deeside Flintshire CH5 2QX. Our experts will inspect the wheel angles thoroughly and come up with the necessary rectifications.

Causes Of Wheel Misalignment

Ideally, you should opt for a routine wheel alignment after every 5000-6000 miles. However, here are some factors that may lead to an early misalignment:

Worn-Out Parts

Worn-out or damaged car components may also lead to wheel misalignment. For instance, damaged wheel bearings, suspension springs, etc., affect the alignment of your car’s wheel angles.

Sudden Impact

Driving over a pothole, hitting the curb, etc., may also lead to wheel misalignment.

Signs Of Misaligned Car Wheels

The above-mentioned factors may lead to various issues in your car. So, if you notice any of the following symptoms while driving the car, do not delay in booking a 4-wheel alignment Deeside:

  • The steering wheel may get off-centre.
  • You may experience odd vibrations on the steering wheel.
  • You may notice rapid, uneven tyre wear.
  • Screeching noise while turning.

If you notice any such symptoms, take necessary actions at the earliest to avoid hefty repair bills in the future. Call us on 01244630500 to know about our service regime. Our experts are proficient in handling all 4-wheel drive vehicles efficiently.

What Is Our Wheel Alignment Techniques?

While conducting 4-wheel alignment Deeside and Sandycroft, we inspect the following wheel angles and align them as per the manufacturer's specifications upon detecting any fault:


Camber is the tilt of the vehicle's tyres when observed from the front, whether leaning outward or inward.


The angle between your car’s wheels and steering axis when viewed from the side is know as caster.


It is the bird’s eye view of your car’s wheel angles with the axis.

We use advanced, computerised wheel aligners and mirrors to provide accurate results without much turnaround time.

Thus, no need to search for “4-wheel alignment Deeside and Sandycroft” anymore. Please visit our garage between Monday and Saturday or book our service online!

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