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Are you looking for Hot Vulcanising Repairs for your vehicle?

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S J ORR Tyres Ltd. is a dependable garage offering 24-hour hot vulcanised repairs for commercial vans, trucks, agricultural, industrial and earthmover tyres at affordable rates.

About Our Hot Vulcanising Repairs Sandycroft

Tyre vulcanising is a safe, durable and cost-efficient method of repairing punctures and other damages in industrial and commercial vehicle tyres. Repairing a damaged tyre requires technical know-how and must be performed by specialists. Contact us for the best hot vulcanising repairs Sandycroft.

Our professionals are familiar with tyre structures and strictly abide by BS AU 159 guidelines to ensure optimum safety. They always check if a damaged tyre meets the following parameters before performing hot vulcanising tyre repairs Sandycroft.

  • No splits, cuts, or cracks near the casing
  • Damaged bead, including broken bead core
  • No exposed cords due to sidewall scuffing
  • Rubber separated from tread or sidewall
  • No signs or previous faulty repairs
  • Tread depth not below the legal minimum

If a tyre does not meet these criteria, our experts will suggest a replacement.

Our vulcanised repairs Sandycroft include applying a patch and welding the new and old rubber together to make them resistant to abrasion. Here is our step-by-step process:

  • 1.Our experts will dismount the puncture tyre and clean it properly.
  • 2.Then, they will locate the damaged area and cut it out.
  • 3.They will weld new rubber together with reinforcement patches.
  • 4.Next, they will put it into a tyre vulcanising machine.
  • 5.Lastly, they will attach a reinforced patch to the inside of the tyre.
  • 6.After that, they will fit the tyre back into the vehicle.

Please note that we use top-quality raw materials to ensure safety and an extended service life. That is why we are confident we can end your “hot vulcanising tyre repairs near me” searches. If you want to know more about our hot vulcanising repairs Sandycroft prices, please visit us at Unit 4 St Ives Park Factory Road Sandycroft Deeside Flintshire CH5 2QX or email us at sjorrtyresaccounts@yahoo.com.

To book an appointment or have questions, please call us at 01244630500 / 07808001237. We also provide 24-hour mobile tyre services in and around Sandycroft at your convenience. So, if you get stuck somewhere within the Sandycroft area with a flat tyre, you can call us on 07808001237 for assistance.

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